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Justin Smith

Cornerstone Mortgage Company

2809 East Harmony Road Fort Collins, CO  80528

(Office) 970-797-3308, (Fax) 866-203-6530 (Cell) 970-420-2265

Justin is just a good guy and honest lender with a solid institution behind him. Formally with First National Bank Residential Mortgage.

Stacy Fridal

Premier Mortgage Group

3665 JFK Pkwy. #1, Suite 102, Fort Collins, CO 80525

(Office) 970-266-5613, (Fax) 970-266-1705, (Cell) 970-219-1710

Stacy has many years’ experience and goes the extra mile for her clients.

Ken Schmidt

Elevations Credit Union

2495 E. 13th Street, Loveland, CO  80537

(Office) 303-443-4672, (Cell) 970-576-8473

Ken and Elevations Credit Union offer great options and low closing cost fees.

Joan Krehbiel

Excel Financial Group, LLC

123 N. College Ave., Suite 230, Fort Collins, CO  80524

(Office) 970-407-8288, (Fax) 970-797-1085, (Cell) 970-691-4567

Joan used to be a real estate agent so she has good insight to the whole process.

Justin Crowley

First Western Trust

200 S. College Avenue, Suite 10, Fort Collins, CO  80524

(Office) 970-407-3104, (Fax) 970-229-4769, (Cell) 970-691-2214

Justin is very experienced and energetic and handles loans nationwide.

Natalie Thomas

Academy Mortgage

3665 JFK Pkwy. #1, Suite 306, Fort Collins, CO 80525

(Office) 970-530-0454, (Fax) 970-286-7784, (Cell) 970-235-0085

Natalie is conscientious, communicative, and provides a smooth transaction.

This is a short list of available lenders in the Fort Collins area.  Additional lenders are available and a broader list can be provided and acquired through various sources.  Lists provided are not an endorsement of services provided or performance




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